Introduction to Gary

Gary Lalonde is a unique helper who has broken through to a world where few folks travel to. He has seen the illusion of suffering, fear and loneliness. All of these experiences had manifested into self-destructive behaviors and illness.

Gary’s sales background started at a very young age and in his final corporate career with Honeywell – Gary was nominated to the President club 3 years out of 5 and maintained an annual sales quota accomplishment of 120% over a 10- year period.

In September of 1985, Gary was invited to hear a speaker in Warren, Michigan. It was at this event that he embraced a new image of himself and redirected his life.

In 2004 he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer (PSA reading over 700) which eventually metastasized into bones in his lower back and left chest area. With the knowledge and support of a great homeopathic doctor, his loving wife Sheryl and his unwavering faith in God’s love for us – he is now enjoying a happy, healthy, and successful life. He did this without the crushing effects of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Gary has been invited to share his “learning experiences” with business, service organizations, US Army, churches and Fortune 500 companies internationally.

Gary is the author of The Power to Change, and the Releaseing the Healer Withen series. With his latest works being After Affects and Creating Your Journey of Change.

  • Business

    Gary has transformed countless businesses with his innovative and inspirational seminars. Choose which program is right for your business. Whether your looking for improved sales, morale, or upper management, Gary has the solution.

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  • Health

    The most important thing in life, though we often overlook it, is one's health. This was a lesson hard learned by Gary when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Over a decade later, without Chemo and Radiation, Gary has made it his mission to share his wisdom with you.

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  • Self Improvment

    The foundation of Gary's life's work has been the underlying principle that to achieve happiness each and every person must strive to become a better version of themself. Gary wants to share with you the strategies he used both for himself and his innumerable clients to lay the path towards becoming your best self.

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