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Special Report: After Affects (Best Value Bundle)

Special Report: After Affects (Best Value Bundle)

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The best value bundle comes with the Special Report: After Affects, an MP3 of The Vastness of You, and an eBook copy of The Power to Change..


Special Report: After Affects, My journey in reversing Cancer was made easier when I was able to read a book by a man who accomplished what I wanted to do! These co-authors may be the very source of strength and wisdom that will provide you with the insights and knowledge that you have been praying for!


The Vastness of You is a thirty-minute self-hypnotic journey, which is meant to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself. (Note: Do not listen while driving or operating other heavy machinery). 


The Power to Change Relationship problem? Health concerns? Drugs, alcohol, or smoking? Career obstacles? Over your head in debt? Fear of speaking up for yourself? In your copy of The Power to Change you can learn to make the choices that will propel you to a better life!


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